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Picture yourself in a boat on a river.....

With tangerine trees and marmalade skies

17 September 1981
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My name's Carmen

Movies, music, good tv, nostalgia, video games, family, friends, and making people laugh are the things that are extremely important in my life. I try to see the humor in everything. Call me an optimist if you will.


~I wear cute logo tees, and funky hats sometimes
~I have a weakness for hot British actors that can also sing, like this guy
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~Recovering caffeine addict, lol. Though it's tough to give up chai.
~My cat is like family to me.
~My roommate is almost like a best friend as well
~I'm goofy by nature and nobody can change that.
~Currently in a "stripes" phase; Sexy prison pillow fight anyone??

~I love cats, but right now am enamored with Jeff's chihuahua Mr. Big


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